About Cenk Uygur - Cenk 2020

About Cenk Uygur

My History

I started my adult career as a lawyer before shortly realizing that I hated it. I was also a TV writer and producer and then (briefly) I was a radio talk show host.

After that, I got the wild idea to start my own business. We launched an online media company from my living room called The Young Turks which grew into the largest online news show in the country and the longest running show in internet history. Through The Young Turks, we have built a home for progressives where we have supported hundreds of candidates. I also founded Wolf Pac to get money out of politics and co-founded Justice Democrats.

I love The Young Turks, Justice Democrats and Wolf Pac. I’m so proud of the work that they do in making this country a better place but of course my shining lights and proudest accomplishments are my two kids. When my 9 year old son tells me facts I didn’t know about our galaxy or Charles Darwin, you have to tie my feet down so I don’t float away on a cloud. When I see my 7 year old daughter help someone when no one is looking, I feel like maybe my life was worth living on that alone.

Why I Decided to Run

I’ve reported for years about the corruption happening in Washington and I am more convinced than ever that we have to get money out of politics! And in order to do that we must start a national conversation around the issue. Call it what it is - corruption! Corporate PAC money has another name; a bribe. Corporations don’t give money to politicians for their health or for charity. They do it for return on investment. I will call out that corruption and help end it. Only when we end corruption in Washington, will we return to representing the people. I’m running to help bring our democracy back to the people.